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Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain

The Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain proposes a systematic and general solution for the sociality of the encrypted world. This solution consists of a high-performance Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain, a decentralized credit system and a super application.


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Alternative Blockchain Applications

The purpose of the Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain is to create an alternative protocol for building decentralized applications, o ering a di erent set of trade- o s, which we think will be very useful for a large class of decentralized applications, especially during rapid development times, Small and small security cases. Rarely used applications and the ability for di erent applications to interact very e ciently are very important.


High-Performance Blockchain Ecosystem

Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain should not be viewed as things that should be "performed" or "complied with"; instead, they are more like "autonomous agents" in the execution environment of the Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain, when executed by a message or A specific piece of code is always executed when a transaction is "stamped" and has direct control over its own coin balance and its own key/value store to keep track of persistent variables.


Low-cost and high-speed Technology

The CIPC team believes that the low-cost and high-speed IPFS storage solution must be the necessary infrastructure for the future decentralized application network. The IPFS network combines decentralization and cost. In digital life, privacy is becoming more and more important, and decentralized storage will surely become a necessity for people in the future.

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Cipc wallet, super-charged for trading.

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Decentralized & encrypted
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Token Rendering

$CIPC Token

$CIPC is our utility token. It is the backbone for developing the Cıpc wallet, expanding the fees and rewards.


The Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain network includes its own built-in currency, CIPC, whose dual purpose is to provide a primary liquidity layer to allow e cient exchanges between various types of digital assets and, more importantly, to provide a payment transaction fee mechanism. CIPC coins will be sold at a negotiated price, a mechanism designed to fund the Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain organization and pay for development, which has been successfully used by other platforms such as COINLIST. Earlier buyers will benefit from bigger discounts. All proceeds from the sale will be used to pay salaries and bounties to developers and invest them in various for-profit and non-profit projects within the Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.



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